Ake-Gears Oy machining
Aarni Mertanen
p. +358 (0)44 555 2862
email: info[at]akegears.com

Postal address:
Tehdaskatu 15 P 15

Street Address
Tehdaskatu 15
Paloasema 11 C 20


Ake-Gears Ltd is specialized in mechanical engineering. Machining company operates as a subcontractor as a single product and the manufacture of racing car gearboxes. Sub-contracting work to customer documentation professional manner in accordance with individual needs. Renfors premises are located on the shore, which is less than one kilometer away from the Kajaani core downtown business area.

We produce a dog-box series of two-wheel and four-wheel drive cars. Motorsport customers are usually a rally, rallycross and the hillclimb drivers.

Gearing your own shells. If necessary, build the gearboxes fully completed or, alternatively, just a gear series. Spare parts easily, quickly and safely to Finland directly, without intermediaries! We develop our products continuously from competitors based on our experience.